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Important Notice

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Sydney we are unable to come on to campus to mail out DASS orders.  We do not know when we will be able to return, so if you place an order there may be a substantial delay before you receive the manual.  We will remove this notice as soon as we return, so please check back!

To order the DASS manual, please click the ORDER link below. The cost is AUS$55.00 (including postage and government charges).


You will receive a package containing the following items:

If you have enquiries about ordering* the DASS, please contact:

Linda Camilleri
Phone:          61-2-9385 3034
Fax:              61-2-9385 1193
Email:           L.Camilleri@unsw.edu.au

* for any other enquiry about the DASS, please contact p.lovibond@unsw.edu.au

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