Sci-Fi Series: Earth 2050

Hosted by Professor Emma Johnston AO, Dean, UNSW Science, EARTH 2050 takes a futuristic look at climate change and what the year 2050 may hold if we continue 'business as usual carbon emissions'. Ben joins the online panel to give his insights.

ABC's Catalyst

Ben gives his scientific insight into this episode of ABC's Catalyst, "Should I Risk It?", which assesses how maths can help us make more rational decisions in risky scenarios.

Watch the episode by clicking the link below.
"Should I Risk It?" Link

Form-a-Palooza Applying Behavioural Insights To Child Protection

We explore whether simple behavioural insights techniques can be successful for addressing a policy issue within one of society's more complex and difficult sectors: child protection.

Click here to watch

The Psychology of Climate Change

Watch the video below to see Ben discuss his paper co-authored with Prof Andy Pitman on the psychology of global warming.