Shi Xian Liew (2019 - present)
The psychology of (not) wanting to know

Jared Hotaling (2017 - 2019)
Risky choice and probability estimation

Emmanouil Konstantinidis (2015 - 2017)
Cognitive modelling, risky intertemporal choice.

Guy Hawkins (2013-2014)
Causal model and sample-based approaches to judgment biases.

Rachel McDonald (2013-2014)
Psychology of climate change communication.

Don van Ravenzwaaij (2012-2013)
Cognitive modelling of human decision making.

Oren Griffiths (2009-2011)
As if reasoning in category learning and decision making.

PhD Students

Jake Embrey (2021 - present)
Cost of thinking

Tehilla Mechera-Ostrovsky (2019 - present)
The role of information in decision making

Jennifer Sloane ([joint supervisor with Chris Donkin] 2018 - present)
Cognitive models of interruption in decision making

Garston Liang ([joint supervisor with Chris Donkin] 2018 - present)
Metacognition and decision making

Joel Holwerda (2018 - present)
Experience Based Choice

Yonatan Vanunu (2017 - 2021)
Risky Choice and Cognitive Load

Aba Szollosi (2016 - 2020)
Probability learning and experience-based choice

Annalese Bolton (2016 - present)
Judgement and decision making in child protection

Arthur Kary ([joint supervisor with Chris Donkin], 2015 - 2019)
Mulitple cue judgment and iterated learning

Hanbit Cho (2014 - 2018)
Ethical Decision making and Ownership.

Shanta Dey ([joint supervisor with Michelle Moulds], 2014 - 2018)
Decision making styles and depression.

Ash Luckman (2012-2016)
Choosing to gamble and/or wait: How do people make choices which involve both probabilistic and delayed outcomes?

Hui Chai (2011-2015)
Decision Making under Uncertainty: Bridging the Climate Change Communication Gap.

Dan de Zilva (2011-2014)
From Exposure to Liking: The roles of awareness, context and valence on the mere exposure effect.

Christin Schulze (2011-2015)
Adaptive Rationality in Sequential Choice under Risk and Uncertainty.

Sule Guney (2010-2014)
Disamiguating Ambiguity Aversion: The Impact of Experience, comparative knowledge and competitiveness on decisions in the Ellsberg Task.

Malindi Sayle (Masters, 2009-2010)
Processes of belief updating and revision in legal contexts (Masters Thesis).

Adrian Camilleri (2008-2011)
The Psychological Mechanisms underpinning experience-based choice.

Megan Heffernan (2006-2010)
Probabilistic category learning: Examining single and dual systems accounts.

Fiona McDonald (2006-2010)
The role of causal belief, sequence structure and sequence presentation on interpretation of binary sequences.

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