In our lab, we investigate a number of different issues related to behavioural neuroscience. Many, but not all, of the studies take a developmental perspective. We examine a broad range of topics, including the behavioural and neural processes involved in fear expression and inhibition, pharmacological adjuncts to enhance fear loss, and the effects of early life stress on physical and emotional development.

Our overarching aim is to gain a better understanding of learning and memory, and conduct our research in a way that has potential translational value for understanding anxiety disorders.

Recent News


Anthea submitted her PhD thesis: The effect of chronic stress on the adolescent brain, learning, and memory!


Maddy submitted her PhD thesis: Fear extinction during adolescence: neural mechanisms and implications for treating anxiety disorders!


Gabe won the Award for Excellent PhD Thesis in Psychology from the Australian Psychological Society!


Kathryn and Kelsey selected to participate in UNSW Women in Maths and Science Champions Program as Early Career Scientists!


Nat submitted her PhD thesis: The effects of early life stress on fear generalisation!


Sylvia submitted her PhD thesis: Examining the relation between individual differences in early memory and adulthood anxiety across species!


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