Dutch translation of the DASS


This translation was carried out by Dr. Edwin de Beurs.


Original translation 2001:


Download DASS questionnaire


Download DASS21 questionnaire


Download manuscript describing development of the translation.  Note that the first 3 items of the Dutch DASS21 differ from the English version, although they belong to the same scales.




Revised translation of DASS21 2010:


Download revised DASS21 questionnaire


The items in the revised DASS21 are in the same order as the English DASS.  Mean scores and reliability are essentially the same as for the original translation, as described in the manuscript above.





Edwin de Beurs, PhD.

Director KZN-Benchmarking

P.O. Box 281

3720 AG Bilthoven

The Netherlands


Email: edwin.debeurs@Kznbenchmarking.nl

Web: www.kznbenchmarking.nl

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