French translation of the DASS


This translation was carried out by Donald Martin at Ottawa University.


Download DASS questionnaire


Download DASS21 questionnaire


Scoring the questionnaires:  The items are in the same order as the English DASS.  The English DASS scoring template will not match exactly the layout of the French questionnaire, but it will indicate which items contribute to each scale.




Donald Martin, M.Ps., C. Psych. Assoc.

Chef, Counselling et développement personnel

Service d'appui au succès scolaire

Manager, Counselling and Personal Development

Student Academic Success Service

100 Marie-Curie, 4ième étage - 4th floor

Université d'Ottawa - University of Ottawa

B.P. 450, Station A - P.O. Box 450,  Station A,

Ottawa, ON, Canada  K1N 6N5


Tél. - Tel. : +1 613 562 5800 ext.6885

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