Greek translation of the DASS


This translation was carried out by George Lyrakos and Chrysa Arvaniti at the University of Athens.


Download Greek DASS questionnaire


Download Greek DASS21 questionnaire


Download paper describing Greek translation and validation


Scoring the questionnaires:  The items are in the same order as the English DASS.  The English DASS scoring template will not match exactly the layout of the Greek questionnaires, but it will indicate which items contribute to each scale.



Article describing development and validation of Greek DASS:


Lyrakos, G.N.; Arvaniti, C.; Smyrnioti, M.; Kostopanagiotou, G. Translation and validation study of the depression anxiety stress scale in the Greek general population and in a psychiatric patient's sample. Eur. Psychiatry 2011, 26, 1731; doi:10.1016/S0924-9338(11)73435-6.





George N. Lyrakos

Msc Health Psychologist

2nd Dep.of Anesthesiology

Pain Clinic

School of Medicine

University of Athens Attiko University Hospital

Rimini 1 Xaidari

14462 Athens Greece




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