Hausa translation of the DASS-21


This DASS-21 translation was carried out by Dauda SALIHU with the assistance of Dr. Rick YC Kwan, Dr. Eliza ML Wong and Dr. Doris YP Leung at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


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Scoring the questionnaire:  Transfer the score for each item to the empty box on the right hand side.  Add all the scores in each column and multiply the result by 2 to obtain Depression (BC), Anxiety (F) and Stress (D) scores.

(DASS21 raw scores are multiplied by 2 in order to make them comparable to scores from the full 42-item DASS).


Description of preliminary results for the translation





A133 Centre for Gerontological Nursing

School of Nursing

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Tel: (+234) 8034012962 (Nigeria)

(+234) 7020469843) (All Nations)

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