Marathi translation of the DASS


This translation was carried out by a team* at the KEM Hospital in Pune, India.


Download questionnaire


Scoring the questionnaire:  The items are in the same order as the English DASS.  The English DASS scoring template will not match the layout of the Marathi questionnaire, but it will indicate which items contribute to each scale.



Dr Vasudeo Paralikar

Consultant and Head,

Department of Psychiatry,

KEM Hospital and Research Center,

489, Rasta Peth, Pune 411011 India.




* DASS Team:

  Dr Vasudeo Paralikar, MD, PhD

  Ms Ankita Deshmukh, MSc (Clinical Psychology)

  Dr Ms Vaishali Naik, MA, PhD

  Ms Mrunal Patil, MA

  Ms Deepali Deshmukh, MSW

  Dr Mayura Bhagwat, DPM

  Dr Ms Sujal Watve, MA PhD

  Dr Ms Vanita Patwardhan, MA PhD

  We also acknowledge the contribution of Ms Rujuta Gohil in the process.

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