DASS-Y  Youth version of DASS


The youth version of the DASS, the DASS-Y, has simplified wording and is intended for use with children and adolescents in the age range 8-17.  It may also be suitable for adults who have reduced familiarity with the English language, although we have not tested it with such populations.

Like the adult DASS, the DASS-Y may be downloaded and copied without restriction, but it may not be modified or sold for profit.

The DASS-Y has 21 items and uses the same scoring template as the adult DASS and DASS21.  Please note that it is NOT necessary to multiply the scores by 2 as per the DASS21, because the DASS-Y is a standalone instrument with scores that cannot be directly compared to either of the adult questionnaires.


DASS-Y response form

scoring template (same as for adult DASS – see FAQ #30)

paper describing development of the DASS-Y

severity cutoffs for the DASS-Y



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