Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Deputy Head of School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales.

Ben’s research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying judgment, choice and decision making, and the application of this knowledge to environmental, medical, financial and forensic contexts. He is the lead author of Straight Choices: The Psychology of Decision Making.

He is on the Editorial Boards of Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Thinking & Reasoning, Decision, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making and Experimental Psychology. Ben is also a Consulting Editor for Judgment & Decision Making.

Ben is a member of the inaugural Academic Advisory Panel of the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government.

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Latest Research
Toward nonprobabilistic explanations of learning and decision making
Szollosi, A., Donkin, C., & Newell, B.R. (2022).
Psychological Review

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MEM-EX: An exemplar memory model of decisions from experience
Hotaling, J.M., Donkin, C., Jarvstad, A., & Newell, B.R. (2022).
Cognitive Psychology

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Making it easier to take environmental actions is not enough: Policymakers must also emphasize why acion is necessary
Newell, B.R. & Moss. J.M. (2021).
Behavioural Science and Policy

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Last updated October 28, 2022