Applying behavioural insights to online wagering

BETA partnered with the Department of Social Services to determine the effect of behaviourally-informed activity statements on gambling behaviour in a simulated game.

The psychology behind climate change denial

Despite the hard scientific evidence – that keeps mounting – why is the subject of global warming still so vociferously denied by a section of the population? Ben unpacks the rationale.

Hidden Steps in Psychological Explanations of Behaviour

Ben’s presentation on “Hidden Steps in Explanations of Behaviour” from the Decision Experience and Behaviour Seminar hosted by The

UJ Cloudebate - Powering the World

Ben features on the Univeristy of Johannesburg Cloudebate series discussing the psychological factors behind the adoption of clean-energy technology and lifestyles. (Section starts at 44mins)

Sci-Fi Series: Earth 2050

Hosted by Professor Emma Johnston AO, Dean, UNSW Science, EARTH 2050 takes a futuristic look at climate change and what the year 2050 may hold if we continue 'business as usual carbon emissions'.

Ben joins the online panel to give his insights.

60 Minutes - Vaccine Hesitancy: Why waiting is the worst thing we can do

As the global COVID vaccination effort is underway, media coverage has been dominated by reports of its rare but severe side effects. Ben explains how this plays on our tendency towards confirmation bias and overweighting rare events when deciding if we should get vaccinated.

UNSW Centre for Ideas - Daniel Kahneman in Conversation

Ben talks with Nobel Prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, to discuss the theoretical and practical implications of his latest book, Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgement. The book explores our susceptibility to ‘noise’ – the random factors and mental distractions that interfere with the judgement and decisions of organisations and individuals.

BETA Form-a-Palooza 2019 - Applying Behavioural Insights To Child Protection

We explore whether simple behavioural insights techniques can be successful for addressing a policy issue within one of society's more complex and difficult sectors: child protection.

ABC Catalyst - Should I Risk It?

Ben gives his scientific insight into this episode of ABC's Catalyst, "Should I Risk It?", which assesses how maths can help us make more rational decisions in risky scenarios.

Click here to watch this episode on the ABC website.

The Psychology of Climate Change

Scientists have provided evidence that human-induced emissions have led to increases in temperatures and changes in rainfall, wind, humidity, sea level, ocean acidity, and snow cover. In this video, Ben discusses his paper co-authored with Professor Andy Pitman on how we process and are influenced by numerical information about global warming.