School of Psychology, UNSW


Jacky has won a number of awards and fellowships for her work in education, including:

The University of New South Wales, Faculty of Life Sciences Teaching Award, 1999

The UNSW Innovative Teaching and Educational Technology Fellowship, 2002

The UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2005

Carrick Associate Fellowship, 2006-2008

Carrick Citation Award, 2007 (with S.Morris, B.Spehar, & B.Newell)

The Australian Psychological Association Distinguished Contribution to Education Award, 2008

Australian Learning and Teaching National Teaching Fellowship, 2010-2012

Apart from the research areas and publications that are relevant to higher education (University student learning and performance; resilience and well-being; Psychological literacy and adaptive cognition), Jacky has been involved in the formation and implementation of policy relevant to education.

Research Training

School, Faculty, and University policy and activities.

See Jacky’s CV for relevant reports, conference presentations and activities. In particular, Jacky led the development of the UNSW Guidelines for Postgraduate Research Supervision (which remains largely intact in subsequent revisions; This document was based on a more substantial report, Optimising Postgraduate Research Supervision in the Scientific and Technological Disciplines (, which contains relevant information for all supervisors and research postgraduate coordinators. Jacky won the UNSW Faculty of Life Sciences Teaching Award, the UNSW Innovative Teaching and Educational Technology Fellowship, and the UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, primarily for her work in this area.

Undergraduate Psychology Education

School, National, and International policy and activities.

 Jacky and colleagues won a Carrick Citation in 2007 for their long-standing work improving the quality of learning and teaching for first year psychology students.

 As part of her Carrick Associate Fellowship (2006-2008), Jacky and colleagues developed the Graduate Attributes of the Australian Four-year Psychology Program, much of which was integrated into the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Standards ( She was also instrumental in creating a presence for the Australian Psychology Educators Network within the Australian Psychological Society, as the Teaching, Learning and psychology Interest Group (see Jacky also revived the presence of APEN at national conferences, and disseminated the Australian work at international conferences. See Jacky’s CV for relevant reports and publications regarding the Fellowship. The Final Report, Sustainable and evidence-based learning and teaching approaches to the undergraduate psychology curriculum is also available from

 As part of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Discipline Initiative on undergraduate psychology education, Jacky and colleagues undertook surveys relevant to Year 4, graduates, and psychology high-school teachers, and created a Vision for the Future of the Psychology Discipline in Australia (which we continue to pursue!). See Jacky’s CV for relevant reports and publications regarding this initiative. The Final Report, Designing a diverse, future-oriented vision for undergraduate psychology in Australia, is available from

 Since 2007, Jacky has served on a number of national psychology education committees, including the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Program Development Advisory Committee.

Jacky is currently an Australian Learning and Teaching Council National Teaching Fellow (ALTC-NTF), working on “National Standards for Psychological Literacy and Global Citizenship”. Relevant documents include the Green Paper and Final Report.

 Jacky received the Australian Psychological Association Distinguished Contribution to Education Award for these achievements in national psychology education.

 Internationally, Jacky has been fortunate to be involved in the following activities:

 1.     The creation of Diane Halpern’s (2010) “Undergraduate Education in Psychology: a Blueprint for the future of the Discipline” book, the writing of which involved travel to the U.S.A. to write the core of each team-written chapter (Jacky coauthored McGovern et al.’s Chapter 1, which introduced the concepts of psychological literacy and the psychologically literate citizen).

2.     Chair of the 4th International Conference on Psychology Education, Sydney, July 8-11, 2010.

3.     The report “The Future of Undergraduate Psychology Education”, which involved travel to the UK to facilitate a retreat that forms the basis for the chapter writing primarily by Annie Trapp and members of the British Psychological Society, the Heads of Departments of Psychology Association, and the UK HEA Psychology Network.

Higher Education

As indicated by her research and by the title of her ALTC-NTF, Jacky is interested in broad issues in tertiary education, such as student well-being, student learning, and outcomes such as global citizenship. As such she attends and contributes to international conferences such as ISSoTL and AERA, and she is currently a member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Academic Board at UNSW. Through avenues such as the ALTC Fellows Forum, she continues to learn about and contribute to improving outcomes for university students in general.






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