Special publications

Letters and reviews

Newell, B.R. (2009). Book Review: A Science of Decision Making: The Legacy of Ward Edwards. Journal of Economic Psychology, 30, 694-695  PDF 

Newell, B.R. (2009). Think, blink or sleep on it? Australasian Science, 30, 17-19  PDF 

Goodman-Delahunty, J., & Newell, B.R. (2004). One in how many trillion? Australasian Science, 25, 14-17  PDF 

Newell, B.R. & Lagnado, D. (2003). Think-tanks, or think tanks? The Psychologist, 16, 176  PDF 

Newell, B.R. (2000). The easy road to learning may be a dead end. Australasian Science, 21, 29-31
Guest edited journals

Special Issue of Judgment and Decision Making on Cognitive Models of Multi-attribute Judgment and Decision Making.
Guest Edited by Arndt Bröder and Ben R. Newell.  Link to Issue 

Special Issue of Journal of Behavioral Decision Making on Experience-Based Decision Making.
Guest Edited by Tim Rakow and Ben R. Newell.  Link to Issue