Our Lab

Professor Rick Richardson
Principal Investigator 

PhD, Kent State University, USA

Jess Brandt
Combined PhD/Clinical MA  Student

Thesis topic: Understanding individual differences in the experience of disgust.


Elizabeth Virakorn 
PhD Student

Thesis topic: The effects of stress on learned fear and its inhibition in adolescence


Jia Teo
Combined PhD/Clinical MA Student

Thesis topic: Social buffering of fear inhibition in adolescents


Angel Roth
Combined PhD/Clinical MA  Student

Thesis topic: Group parent-child interaction therapy for toddlers (PCIT-T) as an early intervention for externalising and internalising symptoms


Tayla McCutcheon 
PhD Student

Thesis topic: Investigating the relationship between early life adversity and later neuroimmune functioning


Aqsa Shahid
Combined PhD/Clinical MA Student

Thesis topic: Investigating the intergenerational effects of stress on HPA axis functioning and learned fear.


Honours Students 

Riya Amin - Mechanisms Underlying the Recovery of Apparently Forgotten Infantile Memories

Sara Simenson-Braun - The Impact of Early Life Adversity on Emotional Regulation in Infant Rats

Feihong Wang - Reversing the Impacts of Maternal Separation on Microglia Through Environmental Enrichment

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